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WLF is a game about exploration, progression and fighting. You will be able to discover the unknown regions of the continent, not only in a horizontal plane but also deep below the surface and high up in the air. The enemies you'll face will be much stronger than you, but who says you can't beat them with good equipment and magic? The hand crafted world will reward your efforts with exotic equipment, spells and powers. You'll earn even godlike abilities... but nothing which is powerful comes without it's risks. You'll soon discover why such power is forbidden in World Long Forgotten.


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It's in prototype and not playable yet, just walk around! Hope to see the  full release

Thank for comment! :) 

It's totally in the prototype phase, but there is heavy work going on behind the scenes. As a team we started planning some features. Cities, Fighting system, Minimap, World design.. 

I'm currently making lots of houses designs, here is a preview: